E3 Worldwide employs a holistic approach in helping communities not only to escape poverty, but to grow and know of their Savior who came that they may have life, and have it to the full (John 10:10). We utilize multiple programs that fall within our 5 main strategic areas:
1. Evangelism and Discipleship (Hyperlink to Programs, Spiritual Growth)
2. Food Security (Hyperlink to Programs, Food Security tab)
3. Microfinance for business Initiatives and Skills training (Hyperlink)
4. Formal Primary and Secondary Education (Hyperlink)
5. Healthcare Access. (Hyperlink)


We work with our partners in our pilot community, Gusu, to help create ways to stimulate the local economy; build and use local assets which are then leveraged for greater and fairer market participation.  Eventually, with some financial and technical backing Gusu will be transformed from being a basket case to a bread basket and act as a model for other communities. This basic and timeless market principle should work everywhere from an obscure village to Wall Street. But extremely poor communities do not benefit from such economic possibilities unless an intentional and deliberate intervention is targeted at their unjust and cruel poverty traps.


When households have sufficient access to food, and are healthy enough to work, they free up time and labor to invest in income generating activities. The income may then be put in improving their diet, developing their skills and education, better healthcare for the whole family, and to create savings for re-investment in capital for growth.  The outcome is a clear path for escape from poverty, improved quality of life, and a far much better chance for the next generation to be poverty free.


Our mission is simple: Testify to people of the love of God and His ultimate gift of Jesus Christ to mankind, and to live out our faith and obedience to Christ by also responding to their quest for relief and freedom from the heavy yoke of poverty. 

In Malawi, as is the case with many parts of Africa, many people live in extreme  and degrading poverty that has been well publicized both in facts and clichés.  However, it may come as a surprise to learn that most of these poverty stricken communities are resourceful, enterprising and generous. Each day men, women, and even children work extremely hard where they can to provide for their families.

Yet, as is expected in situations of extreme poverty, their hard labor yields barely enough to cover their daily basic consumption needs. When families are not able to make enough to build any capital to escape poverty, they become ensnared in intergenerational cycles of destitution.  

These factors are what some economists have termed ‘poverty traps’. Unless the traps are identified and removed, these communities will continue to struggle for generations regardless of their labor.

E3 Worldwide has embarked on a response mission by journeying alongside communities to identify and eliminate their poverty traps, and begin to achieve more from their labor. And when they accomplish this, they will then share their success and new found skills with other communities to replicate the results.

We believe that training communities to transform other communities with homespun ingenuity is the way towards independence from donor handouts.