E3 Worldwide does not run feeding centers. We acknowledge that in certain times of crises feeding centers can be appropriate interventions. However, since we work in partnerships with communities, we seek to help to empower communities to fulfill their desire and responsibility to meet the needs of their children. We have devoted the Food Security program to help solve the problem of food shortages through exploring ways to reduce cost of food production and increase yield.


E3 Worldwide does not support the use degrading images of poor children to invoke sympathy for financial support. In as much as there is a lot of truth about their circumstances in the images of fly ridden and dirty children with distended bellies, we are aware that such images have at times been abused to debase and enforce a stereotype.

E3 considers whether if we were found to be in such a position of disadvantage and weakness we would consent to such use of our photographs. We do not believe that the end justifies the means. Therefore, we strive to convey what we hope is the balanced truth that is respectful of our all our partners in this work.


The HIV/AIDS pandemic has left a trail of orphans in its wake. Thankfully, with increasing access to the Anti-Retroviral Therapy, the number of orphans is on a plateau rather than peak in the recent years. E3 Worldwide seeks to draw on the incredible Malawian cultural capital of extended families. Granted that this positive cultural asset has been incredibly challenged by the influx of orphans, E3 believes that raising children within families and communities is much better for the child than orphanages.

This way, the child's remaining family and communal ties are not severed at any stage of their lives. Also, the community is not drained of its future and legacy. In this regard, E3 seeks to help address issues that may force communities to resort to sending their children to orphanages. Often times it is due to poverty more than unwillingness to take in orphans.


E3 Worldwide has safeguarding the future and welfare of the next generation at the heart of our goals and motivations. Over 40% of Malawi's population is under the age of 15. Therefore, it goes without saying that children bear the brunt of the hardships of living in poverty by virtue of their dependent nature and other various vulnerabilities. E3 Worldwide endeavors to focus on long term solutions safeguard the future of children.