According to a Coca Cola Africa advertisement currently running on TV, 3,000 new businesses open every single day across Africa This fact is supported by the industrious spirit that is exhibited every day by ways people strive to make ends meet even in the most barren and unyielding conditions. However, it is also a known fact in business only about 25% of new business initiatives make it. This estimate is much lower, or even guaranteed to fail where skills and start-up capital are lacking.

We believe that industry, investment and integrity beat a better path out of poverty for a community rather than charity. This is respectful of people's abilities, honoring to their dignity, and mindful of their right to set their own priorities according to their needs. This belief is commonly shared by poor people too, but their voices are often not heard. This is so because our compassion and impulse to act can sometimes mislead us to assume that our solutions work best.

Gusu community has almost none existent formal employment opportunities. But the reality is that some sort of financial activity is required for a community to attain any kind of economic subsistence. For that reason, Gusu is determined to find ways to generate employment and grow their economy by implementing realistic homegrown initiatives to reclaim their future.

E3 Worldwide has gladly joined in with them to help find sources, and implement the following identified interventions to support entrepreneurships:

  • Skills training for individual wishing to start small scale businesses through our Microfinance program

  • Providing access to Microfinance. These are start-up loans for businesses.

  • Business mentoring for the brave budding entrepreneurs

  • Facilitate access to markets for their products

We are always looking to expand the scope and depth of this program to allow more people to participate and grow our loan package to allow meaningful ventures. As such we welcome contributions to the Microfinance fund, and personal interest in our entrepreneurs to journey along with them with encouragement and support in the volatile early days. E3 facilitates and open, transparent, and easy to follow processes for involvement.