E3 Worldwide uses sports as a very powerful tool in the proclamation of the good news and caring ministry. We play whatever is going; Soccer, Netball, Volleyball, and Basketball, with whoever can play from church teams to prison inmates. This has proven to be a very popular catalyst for forming new relationships and proclaiming the gospel to large groups of people. We also have a great time playing hard to achieve some decent figures on the scoreboard. Sports outreach has also enabled E3 Worldwide to express love and care for others, especially our friends in prisons, through gifts that we usually bring along whenever we can.


Because this is a really big deal, E3 Worldwide goes all the way to organize tournaments at local and national levels regularly. These tournaments also include the prison teams. This has already helped to bring the spotlight on various issues in the lives of teams whose paths would otherwise not cross and not featured in everyday conversations. It also gives E3 Worldwide a powerful platform to showcase what we do, and why we do it. Some of our games are arranged as follows:

  • Day long or weekend long tournaments

  • Inter varsity tournaments


Sports Outreach with Churches, Villages and Schools

E3 Worldwide teams grab opportunities wherever they may be found to play friendly games with villages, schools, and churches. These have provided incredible opportunities to share and inspire various groups of people. Due to the great potential of ministering through sports, E3 Worldwide also trains churches and other interested organizations to start and run their own sports ministries as part of their outreach programs. E3 Worldwide supports these groups by lending them (or as a gift offering in some cases) sports materials such as balls, nets, uniforms, etc to help them to get started.


As you can imagine, or not, as it is beyond imagination even for the seasoned globetrotter, conditions of prisons in developing countries like Malawi are ineffably dismal. For a nation that can barely feed itself and provide basic services for its ordinary citizens, it is immeasurably worse for those that have ended up behind bars for one reason or the other.

Wrought within the prison walls are hunger, disease, degradation, and abject poverty among other vices. A mere game of amateur soccer with the prisoner’s kicks up a fuss like no other gift can. However, we gratefully know that God can top that by one other gift of the redeeming gospel of Jesus Christ. We use the ‘half-time’ to share the good news of Jesus Christ and our personal testimonies of His love. We also distribute our gifts of Bibles, clothing, basic food and hygiene items whenever we are able.