There is only one true God who is the creator of the entire universe and everything in it. God exists in three persons of the Holy trinity; Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


He is God the Son, the perfect atonement for the sin of man offering reconciliation with God to all who believe. He was born of a virgin, lived a righteous life, was crucified, and resurrected from death. His death was a perfect atonement for man’s sin.


He is God the Spirit who works in man to wake him unto salvation, and there after works with him through sanctification to imitate the character of God in the duration of his life on earth. He is also man’s counselor, comforter, teacher and all things necessary for the strengthening of his faith and character.


The infallible and inspired Word of God given to man for instruction, rebuking, correction, and training in righteousness.


Created male and female, and in the likeness and image of God, man is sinful and falls short of the glory of God and incapable of reconciling Himself to God. But being so loved by God, He provided His own Son, Jesus Christ through whom man may be reconciled to Him.


We believe that salvation is by the grace of God, through faith alone in Jesus Christ.